Painting the Future Art Exhibit - Oklahoma Center for the Humanities
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Painting the Future Art Exhibit

Exhibit will run May 5-June 30 at 101 Archer, in downtown Tulsa.

In May 2022, Caroline Cappy traveled to war-torn Ukraine as a volunteer eager to help those whose lives had been shattered by the Russian invasion. She found children who had lost their homes, families, and friends to the violence and realized that even amid such trauma, these kids need hope, joy, and an outlet for creativity.  She founded the non-profit “Painting the Future” with the goal to provide internally displaced children with the tools, encouragement, and opportunity to make art. In a year’s time, Cappy has sponsored 10 art workshops that reached 184 displaced Ukrainian children. For these workshops, as well, Cappy enlists the help of local artists to lead them.

This exhibition features select works created by these young, aspiring artists as well as other pieces that reflect the experience of living during and witnessing the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

All artworks are being auctioned to support the ongoing work of Painting the Future. To learn more about Painting the Future, click here.