Internal Board

  • Adrian Alexander, R.M. and Ida McFarlin Dean of the Library
  • Lisa Cromer, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Machele Dill, Director of Musical Theatre
  • Mark Dolph, Curator of History at Gilcrease Museum
  • Jeff van Hanken, Wellspring Associate Professor of Film Studies
  • Alicia Odewale, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
  • Mike Troilo, Wellspring Associate Professor of International Business
  • Richard Wagner, Associate Professor of Music
  • Bruce Dean Willis, Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature

External Board

  • Ellen G. Adelson, Community Volunteer
  • Ken Busby, ¬†Executive Director & CEO of the Route 66 Alliance
  • Linda Frazier, Community Volunteer
  • Brenda Pipestem, Cherokee Indians Supreme Court
  • Myra Block Kaiser, 108 Contemporary
  • Marlin Lavanhar, All Souls Unitarian Church
  • Jeff Martin, Philbrook Museum and Booksmart Tulsa
  • Jocelyn Payne, John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation
  • Ron Predl, Tulsa Symphony