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Play is a fundamentally inventive social activity in which we craft rules, experiment with boundaries, find new opportunities for expression, and engage in creative work.  Both a noun and a verb, the word itself is wildly expansive and can describe everything from musical and dramatic performance to sporting events and apps on our phones.  Play is among the first things we do as children in order to test the affordances of a complicated world and try to understand—and perhaps even change—its bewildering rules and constraints.  Yet we sometimes imagine that such activities have to be pushed aside as part of the growth into adulthood, treating them as somehow opposed to things like work, seriousness, and maturity.

Another View of the Tulsa Race Riot: A Lecture by Herb Boyd (September 2017)

Herb Boyd – award-winning journalist and the author of twelve books on topics in black history and activism – gave a lecture on September 1, 2017 entitled Another View of the Tulsa Race Riot. The presentation was part of the Homelands lecture series run by Oklahoma Center for the Humanities.

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