In the Kingdom of Shadows: Book Launch - Oklahoma Center for the Humanities
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In the Kingdom of Shadows: Book Launch

Event will take place 5pm on Friday, Feb. 10. Event to be held at the Zarrow Center downtown.

The Oklahoma Center for the Humanities pleased to host TU Assistant Professor of History, Nicole Bauer, for a talk on her newest book, In the Kingdom of Shadows: Secrecy and Transparency in the French Revolution. In it, Bauer examines the changing attitudes towards secrecy in the eighteenth century, and the development of ideas around government transparency before and after the French Revolution. From the author: “Secrecy can call to mind mystery, darkness, wickedness, and the unknown. Meanwhile the cultural origins of government transparency are equally murky. By looking at the interplay of politics and culture in the French Revolution, we can gain insights into our attitudes towards secrecy today.” Bauer offers at once a history of the idea and impact of secrecy in the French public sphere—it’s politics and influence.

The right to privacy (secrecy) is fundamental to American conceptions of individual freedom; and the ongoing desire for transparent governance fuels many contemporary political discussions, as was made apparent by the January 6 Committee’s investigation and the recent finding of mis-stored classified documents of past and current presidents. How do the concepts of secrecy and transparency contribute to the OCH’s ongoing examination of the nature of freedom? How does Bauer’s research into French history help us to understand better today’s social and political world?  Bauer will address these questions and more in a conversation with OU Professor of History, Jennifer Davis. Join us for what promises to be an informative and interesting evening!

Nicole Bauer is a cultural historian specializing in early modern France. Her current book project explores the history of dreams, compassion, and ideas of the self in early modern Europe. Her research has been supported by the Institut français d’Amérique and the Oklahoma Center for Humanities. She teaches courses on the French Revolution, the Enlightenment, gender and queer theory, and dabbles in film studies.