Writing the Book of Nature with Brycchan Carey - Oklahoma Center for the Humanities
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Writing the Book of Nature with Brycchan Carey

Join us April 13 at 3:00pm at 101 Archer!

Join the English Graduate Student Association in welcoming Dr. Brycchan Carey to TU! The public is invited to enjoy refreshments, snacks, and this keynote address from an acclaimed scholar, author, and professor.

Natural history is usually understood as one of the sciences, but as literary scholars are increasingly making clear, it is also a distinct literary genre, with its own conventions, forms, and tropes, and with a canon of “approved” authors, from Aristotle and Pliny to Humboldt and Darwin. This canon also includes a surprising number of texts by Anglican clergymen, particularly in the hey-day of natural history in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, when studying the natural world was understood by many to be a way of studying and worshiping its creator. In this talk, Professor Brycchan Carey (Northumbria University, UK) will explore the lives and work of some key Anglican naturalists, from William Turner and John Ray to Gilbert White and William Paley, to show how they created a canon of popular natural history literature that combined careful scientific observation with the idea of natural theology and which was presented in skillfully written literary texts that in many cases are still enjoyed today.

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