White Rabbit Red Rabbit: a Theater Production about [redacted] that You’ll Never Forget

The Oklahoma Center for the Humanities is proud to present White Rabbit Red Rabbit by Nassim Soleimanpour in the Tyrell Hall auditorium over two nights and a matinee, Feb 1 and 2 at 8:PM and the 3rd at 2:00 PM.

Nassim Soleimanpour’s White Rabbit Red Rabbit is a theater experience like no other. Usually part of the magic of the stage is uncertainty: when the audience doesn’t know what to expect, it creates a real sense of immersion–we lean in, engaged, locked in with real actors in real time. But what happens when the performers are experiencing the same sense of uncertainty? When no one knows what’s going to happen? Often times actors gravitate towards experiences that will stretch or challenge them in new or unique ways: this is why, despite horror stories from Adrien Brody and Christopher Plummer, actors consider working with the enigmatic auteur Terrence Malick a special kind of honor. In a similar fashion, actors such as Nathan Lane, F. Murray Abraham, Kathy Najimy, Wayne Brady, Cynthia Nixon, Whoopi Goldberg, Martin Short…you get the idea, have all participated in Soleimanpour’s experimental treatise on [redacted].

And though there is a script (that actors are provided with upon going on stage), this hardly makes for a strictly linear performance. Though the play has a message, it is widely open to countless possibilities, making it worth the trip multiple times.

An article on Playbill entitled “17 Outrageous Moments from the Run of White Rabbit Red Rabbit” details some of these possibilities, and we’ve included excerpts below, though much has been strategically redacted. Of course, you can always track down the original article, but where’s the fun in that?

“Apparently determined to [redacted], an audience member ran onto the stage and [redacted]. While production staff paused the performance to [redacted], [redacted] entertained the crowd with a story of [redacted]. [redacted] also brought his [redacted] onstage…and gave it to an audience member.”

“When the script demanded an [redacted], [redacted] did so without losing an ounce of swagger—as one audience member exclaimed, “It’s if Marlon Brando and Danny Zuko had an [redacted]!”

And finally, from our post on Facebook:

Once you start, you must finish…

WHITE RABBIT RED RABBIT has been called a play. But it’s a lively, global sensation that no-one is allowed to talk about. The words of award-winning, Iranian playwright, Nassim Soleimanpour have escaped censorship and are awaiting your audience. Slyly humorous and audaciously pointed, this ‘theater entertainment meets social experiment’ is unlike anything, and will make you question everything. Have fun!


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