Introducing Big Ideas@TU: A Common Read Program - Oklahoma Center for the Humanities

Introducing Big Ideas@TU: A Common Read Program

The Oklahoma Center for the Humanities (OCH) is proud to announce the first common read program at TU. TU’s common read will be a campus-wide, shared reading experience wherein one book will be chosen for 2022-23 first-year students to read together. 

The common read will form a basis for intellectual inquiry by introducing students to new perspectives and ideas. The program aims to provide first-year students with a common text to experience, analyze, and discuss alongside their classmates. These rigorous modes of intellectual inquiry will be inherently interdisciplinary, applicable to students in the Arts and Sciences, STEM fields, performing arts, etc. 

The common reading program will be integrated across campus in curricular and co-curricular capacities. The program structures early conversations at TU’s new student orientation and establishes our core of liberal arts learning as students acclimatize to campus. It will also serve a foundational role in TU’s first-year experience (FYE) course. During the 2022 fall semester, OCH will host a series of events that will complement students’ common read discussions. This programming will culminate in a Presidential Lecture by the selected author. 

To ensure that each first-year student has access to the common reading experience, TU will be purchasing and distributing the chosen text to all incoming freshmen. 

We are currently accepting nominations for the 2022-23 school year. Student, staff, and faculty nominations are welcome and encouraged.

Visit the Common Read website for more details or access the nomination form directly.