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The Secret Psychedelic History of Tulsa

Join us December 14 at 7pm at 101 Archer!

OCH is excited to welcome Michael Mason to discuss The Secret Psychedelic History of Tulsa, a journey through the city’s clandestine connection to America’s psychedelic movement.

Michael Mason is a science journalist and the author of Head Cases: Stories of Brain Injury and Its Aftermath. In 2010, he founded the award-winning Oklahoma media company, This Land Press. Mason’s writings have appeared in Discover magazine, The Believer, NPR, The New York Times and elsewhere. He is also the recipient of the Tim Ferris Psychedelic Journalism Fellowship.

Mason will discuss Tulsa’s pivotal role in the largest LSD bust in Wamego, KS, in 2003, and explore how Cascia Hall, Oral Roberts University, and local businesses unknowingly contributed to today’s psychedelic renaissance. Hear about Oklahoma’s ties to the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, the infamous OU psychiatrist who experimented with LSD on an elephant, and the Native American Church’s roots in the state. Also, Mason will talk about TU’s link to the CIA’s controversial MKUltra program.

Featuring exclusive audio from a decade of interviews, this talk offers a unique glimpse into the psychedelic undercurrents that shaped Tulsa and continue to influence the broader cultural landscape. Don’t miss this chance to unravel a hidden chapter of Tulsa’s history!