A State of Flow: OCH to Welcome Richard Huskey - Oklahoma Center for the Humanities
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A State of Flow: OCH to Welcome Richard Huskey

Join us November 7 at 7pm at 101 E Archer!

To continue this year’s theme of Movement, the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities will host Richard Huskey—a leading researcher in communications & cognitive science—to discuss flow states.

Huskey is Assistant Professor of Communications and Cognitive Science at UC Davis. His work investigates the state of “flow” experienced by athletes, composers, writers, engineers, and more. Along with a group of researchers, Huskey published a recent article in the Journal of Communication that attempts to locate states of flow within brain network dynamics.

So, what is flow? Huskey’s research incorporates a definition proposed by psychologists Jeanne Nakamura and Mihaly Csíkszentmihályi. He sums their findings, writing that flow “is characterized by intense concentration, a loss of self-consciousness, a merging of action and awareness, a strong sense of control, a distorted sense of time, perceived effortlessness, and high levels of intrinsic reward” (Huskey 7). In particular, Huskey and his associates are interested in flow states during various media usage.

While Assistant Professor of Communications, Huskey is the principal investigator in the Cognitive Communication Science Lab, a researcher in the Computational Communication Research Lab, an affiliated faculty member at the Center for Mind and Brain, an affiliated faculty member in the Designated Emphasis in Computational Social Science, and Vice Chair of the International Communication Association Communication Science and Biology interest group.

Huskey will define and describe flow, identify common attributes of flow across vast fields of expertise and skill, and what neural mechanisms are firing in the brain when one experiences flow.

Help OCH welcome Richard Huskey to 101 Archer on November 7. For more information, follow us on social media.