Oklahoma Center for the Humanities at TU Announces 2019-20 Fellows

The Oklahoma Center for the Humanities at The University of Tulsa has announced its annual class of fellows for the 2019-20 academic year. The ten individuals selected from applications submitted earlier this year include TU faculty and students as well as members of the Tulsa community. They are engaged in wide-ranging creative and research activities surrounding the idea of play – a topic the Center will explore through lectures, symposia, public debates, readings, writing, films, and exhibitions.

2019-2020 OCH Theme: Play

The faculty fellows include: Lars Engle, Chairperson and Chapman Professor of English Language and Literature; Mark Brewin, Associate Professor of Media Studies; Helen Douglass, Assistant Professor in the Department of Education; and, Akram Taghavi-Burris, Instructor in Computer Science.

They will be joined by two students: Piper Prolago, a sophomore at the University of Tulsa studying art history; and Bisher Akel, a pre-med student with a BS in biology and psychology.

The center also has named three public fellows: David Chandler, professor of English at TCC and a published digital game writer; Edgar Fabián Frías, a TAF Fellow and artist, curator, educator, and psychotherapist; and Katie Moulton, also a TAF Fellow and writer, editor and music critic.

For more information about the fellows and their work, please visit the full bio page at https://humanities.utulsa.edu/research/fellows/.