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Inner Journeys

November 3, the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities will unveil an entirely new exhibit titled INNER JOURNEYS, curated by Assistant Director Dr. Dayne Riley and the OCH staff.

INNER JOURNEYS asks you to consider the myriad paths we follow in the search for meaning. An odyssey into the self, this exhibition explores the strange internal worlds that artists, writers, doctors, and mystics have mapped throughout human history and across different cultures.  

The exhibit navigates the realms that imagination and dreaming build. It presents the many states—altered and otherwise—that shape our perceptions, and it traces the signs humanity has, historically, looked to for guidance. Investigating the world that exists inside the body, INNER JOURNEYS also examines the history of anatomy and medical exploration.

The exhibit also will feature a multitude of interactive components from a Rorschach readings wall, to space-bending mirror installments, to disappearing Chinese calligraphic art.

In celebration of the new exhibit, OCH will host a reading group of Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception for University of Tulsa students.

To wonder is to be human; to be human is to wander. Journey inward with the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities. To learn more, follow us on social media.