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Deep Greenwood: A Tulsa Community Read


Local author and National Magazine Award nominee Victor Luckerson is partnering with the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities and nine other local organizations to launch a series of events aimed at expanding the understanding of Greenwood far beyond the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. The series, titled Deep Greenwood: A Tulsa Community Read, will expand on themes and issues highlighted in Built From the Fire, Luckerson’s acclaimed new history book about the Greenwood District.

“The Tulsa Race Massacre occurred over two days, but the story of Greenwood stretches across more than a century. It’s a story that has its horrors, but it also has a lot of hope,” Luckerson said. “It’s important to honor and acknowledge that full history.”

Across a series of five events over the next year, Deep Greenwood, will examine the 118-year history of Greenwood step by step, with each event capturing a different era. The series will begin by exploring the racist politics in Tulsa that preceded the massacre, and end with an opportunity to imagine new possibilities for Greenwood’s future. In. between attendees will learn more about Greenwood’s vibrant culture and nightlife, the impact of urban renewal, and the legacy of activism in the neighborhood. The events will incorporate musical performances, photo exhibits, and more to go beyond the boundaries of a traditional book talk.

Each event will be anchored by a set of chapters from Luckerson’s book Built From the Fire, which has received praise nationwide since its publication by Random House in May 2023. The New York Times called the book “absorbing,” while the Washington Post praised it as an exceptional and thoroughly researched account of a “multifaceted community that refuses to be silenced.” Attendees will be encouraged to read select chapters from the book ahead of each event and bring questions for the author to the talks. Copies can be purchased at Fulton Street Books or Magic City Books or checked out from the Tulsa City-County Library. The book will also be on sale at each event.

The Deep Greenwood series is being sponsored by the University of Tulsa’s Oklahoma Center for the Humanities, the OSU-Tulsa Library, and the Tulsa City-County Library. Additional sponsors include All Souls Unitarian Church, the Historic Big 10 Ballroom, Fulton Street Books, Magic City Books, the Black Wall Street Times, the Oklahoma Eagle and the North Tulsa Unity Book Club.

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