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Humor and Assimilation in Vaudeville

Our latest report from the Humanities Research Seminar comes from Machele Miller Dill, Director of the Musical Theatre Program at TU.  Here she considers the way vaudeville helped explore the rapidly changing shape of American culture in the early twentieth century. I... MORE

Humor, Comedy, and Wit

As classes begin Monday at TU, the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities will kick off our year-long focus on the topic of humor.  But what exactly is humor?  As this chart showing the word’s frequency suggests, it’s a relatively new idea.... MORE

Dance Theatre Performance

Enjoy a special presentation by Dance Theatre students as the culminating performance for the 2nd Annual TU Arts and Humanities Festival at Lorton Performance Center, Tuesday, April 28, at 4:30 p.m. This energetic show features students from two different dance classes choreographed... MORE