Call for Recipes: TU’s Global Table


Food is a foundational part of all human cultures and the many ways we grow, make, and share what we eat gives shape to our identities as members of a family, a tradition, and a culture.  Inevitably, we hold some dishes particularly dear, whether it’s a simple stew that just smells like home or a complex plate that marks a special celebration.  As part of our year-long focus on the theme of food, the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities plans to collect such special recipes from the TU community along with the stories that give these dishes meaning.

seedsWe thus invite you to visit our webpage and submit a recipe as well as a story and a photograph to help explain why it’s so meaningful to you.  These recipes need not be particularly original or unique, but we do encourage you to tell us why this one dish matters so much.  Does it evoke memories of a now-distant family? Does it provide a connection to rituals or traditions that have been edged out in a world of ready-to-eat meals? Is it part of a special religious or cultural celebration? Or does it convey something special about your own sense of identity?  We encourage you to send not only the recipe, but also a photograph that speaks to your story.  You can certainly provide an image of the dish itself, but you might instead send images of a family member, a kitchen, a celebration, or a place somehow connected to the food.

Throughout the year we will highlight different submissions on our webpage and in the spring we will compile a complete collection of items in a special digital cookbook that explores the rich diversity of TU’s Global Table.  We welcome submissions from students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other members of the university community.