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Cutting-edge native cuisine: A special dinner event at Gilcrease Museum

Join us for a special multi-course meal at Gilcrease Museum on Friday, April 13, prepared by two of the country’s most innovative Native American chefs. In 2008, Matt Chandra and Ben Jacobs co-founded Tocabe, a Denver, Colorado-based restaurant that draws on Osage tradition, family recipes and locally sourced ingredients. Their creations have appeared in Food and Wine and The Atlantic – and Tocabe was featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Chandra and Jacobs will prepare an exciting group of dishes that match their creative techniques to indigenous American foods and traditions. As each course is served, the chefs will talk briefly about the plate’s origins, ingredients and cultural resonance. “On this continent,” Jacobs said, “we have the oldest culture, but the youngest cuisine.” This unique dining experience will offer an opportunity to learn more about this mingling of tradition and innovation while experiencing cutting-edge Native American cuisine.

Tickets for this multi-course dinner and wine experience are $80 and can be purchased through Gilcrease via phone at 918-596-2771 or email at Dinner is at 7 p.m.

This dinner is part of a special two-day symposium at Gilcrease Museum that will draw together native chefs, filmmakers, food historians, healthcare experts and activists to explore the cultural and health effects of indigenous cuisines.

For more information about the Native American Cuisines Symposium, visit our page.

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To watch a promotional video and learn more about the inspiration behind the event, click here!