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Memory: Call for Faculty Fellows

Memory is the most powerful yet fragile of human faculties. Around its mysteries, we weave our deepest sense of self and community, making it, as Cicero wrote, the “treasury and guardian of all things.” We fill our private spaces and public squares with its icons: photographs and monuments, locks of hair and historical markers, dried flowers and weed-wracked cemeteries. We know, however, that memory can be flawed, that it’s fashioned not just by fact, but by trauma and triumph, by emotion and prejudice, and most often, by the need to fashion a compelling story about ourselves. Salman Rushdie describes it as a “way of telling you what’s important to you,” an individual archive, or what Oscar Wilde calls “the diary that we all carry about with us.” Unlike obdurate facts, objects, and events, memory is fundamentally human.

In order to support this work, the OCH invites applications from the TU faculty to join the Interdisciplinary Humanities Seminar focused on the topic of Memory. The seminar will convene once a week through the fall 2018 semester and will build on the expertise of each participant to launch an intensive investigation of memory, assisted by visiting speakers, artists, and performers. In the spring, participants will share their work with the larger community through talks, performances, colloquia, and other events. The Center encourages interdisciplinary work and welcomes a broad interpretation of the theme that will carry our investigations across intellectual, critical, experimental, and aesthetic domains.

All TU faculty are eligible to apply and those in the College of Arts and Sciences may receive a one-course reduction designed to support their work as a fellow.  If you have questions or wish to receive an application, please complete the OCH Call for Faculty Fellows-Memory form or write directly to Sean Latham.  All applications are due no later than January 30, 2018.