ASMR Tarot Readings with Edgar Frias - Oklahoma Center for the Humanities

ASMR Tarot Readings with Edgar Frias

Our Friday with the Fellows posts continue this week with a second video from artist Edgar Frias. In this video, Edgar supports you in doing your own tarot reading for yourself or for your loved ones, including lighting sage to cleanse the space, spraying etheric aura spray, and shuffling the tarot cards to get to that place that’s just right.  Make yourself your favorite cup of tea and sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing ASMR sounds of a tarot reading.

08:31 – Aries

10:25 – Taurus

11:55 – Gemini

13:49 – Cancer

15:48 – Leo

17:00 – Virgo

18:43 – Libra

20:03 – Scorpio

21:45 – Sagittarius

23:20 – Capricorn

25:20 – Aquarius

26:47 – Pisces

Our Friday with Fellows features contributions by public OCH fellows (past and present) and will focus on providing content that entertains, enlightens, and eases some of our shared stress (and boredom) during the Covid-19 crisis. Stay tuned each Friday!